About us

With a focus to build good environment in our surroundings, Orga Door Pvt. Ltd. stands for reducing undesirable pollutant through technology intervention and natural products.

We are one of the leading online and offline marketing company in sectors of ornamental plants, Seeds, Compost, Gardening materials, decorative and other organic ancillary material.

We are a pioneer in the development of horticulture, landscape and green scape which is one of our main pillars of services because conservation and development of green lungs is our one the priority.

Our other feather is the implementation of the turnkey project for the development of wasteland through organic and natural farming and the promotion of their products.

Contact Address:

Address: – Kadru Ranchi-834002

Mob: – 8226989999

Email- support@orgadoor.com

Our Services:

  1. Supply of Indoor Plants.
  2. Supply of Ornamental Plants.
  3. Organic Compost.
  4. Landscape Development & Gardening.
  5. Green Maintenance Accessories.